About Consumers Interstate Corporation

We help you optimize procurement, reduce your supply spend and focus on your core business

Consumers Interstate Corporation is a nationwide distributor of industrial, safety, janitorial, packaging and office supplies. Our Lean Procurement® solution helps you optimize your procurement process, save time and control spend by streamlining your ordering, management and delivery of the supplies you need to keep your business running.

Our customers benefit from:

  • A focus on reducing what you spend, not on getting you to spend more
  • Easy online ordering that saves your employees time and hassle
  • Convenient online solutions that allow you to control, manage and track your spending against your budget
  • Consolidated, reliable nationwide delivery of thousands of supplies
  • A typical cost reduction of 15% or more
  • Working with a private company that was established in 1947 and that remains focused on long-term relationships
  • Our many years of expertise helping manufacturers and businesses succeed

Our Mission

Our mission is: to help our customers reduce what they spend on supplies, in time and money.

At CIC, we are dedicated to helping customers innovate the procurement process by controlling  spend, reducing costs and streamlining the entire process of ordering industrial and business supplies. We use our trademarked Lean Procurement® strategy to optimize procurement of your high-velocity, low-value supplies. Our expertise can help you achieve a typical cost reduction of 15% for more.

“While others want you to buy more, we help you spend less.” – Kenn Fischburg, Owner and CEO