Tomorrow Comes Today

Tomorrow Comes Today is CIC’s corporate philosophy. We are thinking about tomorrow, today.

Here are some milestones in our innovative thinking that has kept us in the forefront of the distribution marketplace.

1985 – The Priority Program® – a supplier consolidation agreement between CIC and customers who wished to streamline. They’re objective was to consolidate their supplier base by eliminating those that offered no value.

2001 – – CIC was a pioneer in eCommerce in the industrial supplies market. It was launched before high-speed internet was in existence a sprung into their customer base quickly. The innovative website was designed to give customers a method of handling all the necessary activities required to secure and streamline the procurement of industrial and office supplies.

2005 – The Lean Procurement® strategy was launched. CIC had developed a high degree of expertise in the Lean manufacturing principles since early 1990. Understanding the needs of their manufacturing customer base to streamline their processes elevated their value. Applying these principles along with innovative eCommerce thinking created a business method that is both unique and valuable.

2016 – Supply Chain Optimization – collaborating with customers to help them achieve their Supply Chain Optimization objective is CIC’s clear direction. CIC recognizes that businesses are focused on making their complete supply chain as effective as possible. Offering to optimize their procurement of this group of high velocity low value industrial supplies is valuable. This product group is a low risk area to optimize and helps set up a culture for optimizing other supply chain areas.