Breakroom & Foodservice Supplies

The Breakroom and Foodservice Supplies for Eating In or Taking Out

Keep your food service supplies and breakroom essentials including cups, napkins, paper towel, paper plates and more from CIC. Save, streamline and secure the products you need for every cafeteria, breakroom and lounge space. Wipe plates clean and save time and resources with affordable products built to stand up to the needs of your daily (and nightly) service. With CIC, it’s simple to secure the prep supplies, storage bags, napkins, can liners and cleaners you need to keep cafeterias and breakrooms prepared.

Our products keep every lounge area ready, including:

  • Carry-Out Disposables
  • Cups & Lids, Disposable
  • Cutlery, Disposable
  • Dinnerware, Disposable
  • Food Prep Supplies
  • Food Wrap & Storage Bags
  • Straws
  • Dispensers, Foodservice
  • Foodservice Apparel, Reusable
  • Kitchen Storage & Transport

From coffee cups to cutlery, CIC makes mealtime manageable and savings possible. To learn how we can streamline and optimize your ordering with our Lean Procurement processes, contact your CIC representative today.