Control Spending with Ease

Your Online Tool To Manage Budgets and Control Spending

We build savings and spend control tools into your online ordering system and make it easy for your team to know where they stand. CIC’s Silent Supervisor® program brings budget visibility and control to the forefront and reduces your time spent calculating costs and available resources. Our team, will set up your Silent Supervisor® budgets in collaboration for you.

Your buyers will stay within their spending budget:

  • Individual user budgets are defined for the month
  • Budgets display at the point of order on our site
  • After every purchase, the budget adjusts to show what remains for supplies
  • When the budget draws down a STOP sign displays warning the user of a low balance
  • You gain control, visibility and efficiency

You’ll learn how effectively you’re handling average monthly spend with performance reports available 24/7 online. With CIC, it’s simple to stay on budget and revolutionize your buying process. For more information, contact your CIC representative today.