What Lean Procurement® Means for You

Lean Procurement® is our trademarked strategy that streamlines procurement for your industrial and office supplies. We put lean principles to work, helping you eliminate waste in the procurement process on these supplies. We bring unique product expertise that helps you lower your consumption of industrial and office supplies and ensures you are using the right products. On top of cost savings, you will also experience a cultural shift that allows your employees to spend less time on the procurement of these high velocity, low value supplies and more time on high-value activities.

The results for you are: a streamlined procurement process, reduced spending in time and money and measurable accountability.

  • Cut your consumption of office supplies up to 40% while minimizing inventory.
  • Eliminate an average of 65 process hours per month.
  • Minimize invoices and receiving documents, eliminate errors and redundancy and lighten your reporting load.
  • Establish clear ordering controls, accountability and budgets.
  • Place your orders and receive deliveries faster, with better customer service.
  • Generate usage and spending data 24/7 online to inform your budgets.
  • Consolidate product procurement through one-stop shopping.
  • Standardize your product mix for quality products that do the best job every time.
  • Enjoy greater efficiency through easy online ordering.
  • Transition to your new procurement process painlessly.
  • Helps you achieve Supply Chain Optimization.



Lean Procurement®, a site detailing CIC’s trademarked Lean Procurement® approach that has helped hundreds of organizations streamline their ordering and delivery of everyday office and industrial supplies.