OfficeProductsSolution™ – “A new way to buy”

The OfficeProductsSolution™  (OPS) is our eCommerce solution to help a customer dramatically reduce what they spend on office products.

This comprehensive approach includes identifying the right products for the job, using a monthly spending budget and implementing an innovative eCommerce process.

Multiple buyers can access and consolidate their orders onto one online order form, shopping can be restricted and an optional approval process can be implemented.

All of these online features are unique to All are designed to constrain excessive ordering.

Frequently, office products are ordered as needed with little discipline. The result being far too many varieties of products and far too much inventory on hand. The OPS makes it easy to order the right items and to stay within budget. It constrains buyers from ordering unnecessary products that have not been approved.

“The day of the free pen is over”, claims Kenn Fischburg.