Supply Chain Optimization

Experience the Benefits of Supply Chain Optimization

At CIC we have the expertise, tools and solutions to an innovative procurement approach on the hundreds of essential industrial, janitorial and office products that you need to keep your organization running. We will collaborate with your executive team to organize, control and optimize your supply chain, saving time and reducing your spend in the process.

Our proven process will help you achieve the following:

  • Improve effectiveness of procurement by linking departments with common procurement objectives
  • Control user and total spend by tying purchases to actual budgets
  • Maintain accountability by reviewing  budgets and spend in regular meetings
  • Sync supply chain purchasing with company objectives and align company culture around optimization principles
  • Collaborate with key suppliers on your procurement process

Lean Procurement® Strategy – How it Helps Supply Chain Optimization

The journey towards Supply Chain Optimization includes streamlining the processes in multiple departments. One important process is for the procurement of a multitude of repetitive supplies needed to run your business.

The Lean Procurement strategy delivers a comprehensive solution by optimizing the procurement of a wide range of low value, high velocity supplies that are necessary to run your business every day.

These supplies include: packaging, janitorial, safety, breakroom and office items.

The procurement of these commodities consumes an inordinate amount of time relative to their value. Your procurement team should be freed up to be able to spend more time on more valuable projects like raw materials, freight costs etc.

The category of supplies offer by Consumers Interstate Corp is a low risk group. Successfully optimizing the procurement of these supplies is a good first step towards achieving Supply Chain Optimization.

The Lean Procurement strategy does just that.

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