Control Your Total Spend With CIC

Reduce Costs with Better Product Selection and Controls

It’s estimated that North American companies are wasting as much as $1.5 billion and 32.3 million man hours per year on inefficient procurement processes.*

We can help you put a stop to that. Dramatic savings come from making better product choices, innovating procurement processes, and ensuring correct and effective use of the products you purchase. However, most companies don’t have the time or expertise to research best value products and propagate better product utilization. CIC’s in-house staff of product experts will help you establish the mix of products that will best fit your needs and objectives while dramatically reducing your costs by optimizing your procurement process. Our Lean Procurement® expertise will help you:

  • Reduce your consumption of office supplies up to 40%.
  • Save 30 to 60% through improved product utilization studies.
  • Achieve pricing stability that eliminates unchecked cost creep.
  • Implement efficient online ordering that takes the cost out of the process.
  • Utilize purchasing tools that maintaining budget adherence and accountability.

Optimize Procurement in our Control Center

CIC can also help you better manage your costs through our unique Control Center™ account solution. It’s a powerful online tool that enables you to manage many functions that impact your procurement process and sourcing, including:

  • We can customized part names to make it easier on your buyers
  • We can apply your G/L codes applied to invoices for efficient accounting
  • Your  can display user spending budgets on your ordering site
  • You can receive automated reports
  • You can authorizing new users
  • You can add new ship-to locations

For more information, contact your CIC representative today.

* Source: Published: September 24, 2014